5 Toronto Interior Decorating Tips That Make All the Difference


March 16, 2016

There is plenty of creativity and imagination that comes with Toronto Interior Decorating. It’s all part and parcel to the industry. But of course, there are a certain set of principles that can be followed – to a certain degree – to help generate an amazing end result each and every time.
Here are a few simple tips and tricks to Toronto Interior Decorating that really make a world of difference in any space.

Toronto Interior Decorating: Pick the Right Height For Your Wall Art

If you pay close attention to artwork in galleries, you’ll notice that they’re all roughly hung so that a person’s eye level meets the midline of the art. Generally speaking, artwork is hung so that the midline is about 60 inches off the floor. This “rule” applies no matter how tall or short the ceiling is. Even with a high ceiling, keeping artwork hung at eye level will simply make the most sense.

Choose a Focal Point

Selecting a focal point in any space can help anchor the room and provide a source off of which other pieces can be balanced. All other components in the space essentially take on a backseat to the chosen focal point. Too many highlighted items will just be over-stimulating. Whether it’s a fireplace, artwork, or an antique chair, creating a focus will help tie everything in the room together.

Keep Scale and Proportion in Mind

Taking scale into consideration is important when it comes to Toronto Interior Decorating. What may work in one space may not necessarily work in another, which is why it’s important to pay attention to proportion. For instance, an oversized armoire may work in an extra-large bedroom, but may look out of place in a smaller room. On the other hand, a tiny mirror in a large living area will look insignificant, but could work perfectly in a smaller space.

Wait to Pick a Paint Colour

It might be more practical to paint a room before moving all the furniture in. But many times this can make it more challenging to ensure your furniture pieces are ideal matches for the specific shade of paint on the walls. And one paint colour may look totally different in another space as a result of lighting, room size, and so on. Choosing your paint colour last can help to ensure the hue best suits your art, rugs, furniture, accessories, and so on.

Don’t Overload Your Space With Too Much Furniture

You might want to have a sofa, loveseat, recliner, ottoman, coffee table, and end table, but if the square footage of your room doesn’t allow for all these pieces, you risk overcrowding the area. Instead, leave some space between pieces, and if that means foregoing the loveseat or the end table, so be it. Your room will look a lot better with a couple of things omitted rather than overstuffed.
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