5 Tips to Update Your Home For the Spring Season

March 28, 2020
update your home for the spring

After a long and dreary winter, spring is always a welcomed season. And with the change in seasons often comes a change in home decor and design, especially if it’s been awhile since your home has seen any updates. To ring in the warmer temperatures and cheery colours of the new season, here are a few ways to update your home for spring.

Add Bright Colours

One of the first things that you will notice when spring is in the air is the burst of bright colours that Mother Nature ushers in. All those greens, oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows that mark spring florals can be used in your home, too. Neutrals are always welcome in home decor, but adding a pop of colour here and there can help bring your interior to life. You can easily do this with the addition of throw pillows, kitchen chair cushions, bathroom towels, and other accents that can be easily swapped out. And of course, don’t forget those vases of fresh flowers.

Use Lightweight Textiles

While heavy velvets and wools may have been a perfect match for the winter, it’s time to put those fabrics away and opt for lightweight textiles like linen or cotton. Whether it’s window treatments, throw blankets, or table linens, lighter fabrics are definitely more reminiscent of spring than all those heavier fabrics.

Incorporate Some Greenery

Although plants should always be a part of your home’s interior year-round, they really play an important role in springtime decor. If your home is void of green plants, start adding a few. And if your home already has some plants, consider adding a few more, particularly those that flower to add even more colour to the space.

Change Your Tableware

An easy way to brighten up your kitchen or dining room is by changing the plates and napkins with something more bright and cheerful. Choose pieces in lighter colours that mimic the spring season.

Paint the Walls

If you’re up for a bigger job, consider painting the walls. Pick the room (or rooms) that you’d like to update, and change the wall colour to something brighter and more spring-like, such as green or yellow. And if you get sick of the colour shortly after, it doesn’t take much to swap out the paint colour for something else.

Need More Spring Decor Inspiration?

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