5 Tips to Attract More Guests to Your Airbnb Vacation Rental

November 20, 2018

Listing vacation rentals on sites like Airbnb.com, Vrbo.com, and HomeAway.ca has become an increasingly popular way to rent out real estate for extra income. And it’s certainly a unique way to profit off real estate, too. But how you stage and market your property makes all the difference in attracting potential guests.

Airbnb Vacation RentalThe process of choosing the perfect place to stay when travelling can be daunting, especially for people using vacation rental sites for the first time. With so many awesome listings available, how can you make your property stand out?

You might have a killer sense of design, but mindful staging for your Airbnb vacation rental can help you attract more guests and provide them with a great stay.

Here are some tips for staging your Airbnb vacation rental to attract more guests.

1. Leave Out the Personal Items

Nothing on your walls on your shelves should contain any photos of you and your family. Instead, get rid of any personal items and outfit your vacation rental with neutral artwork and artifacts to help make your guests feel more at home without feeling like they’re invading someone else’s space.

2. Take Some Tips From Hotel Bathrooms

It’s nice to walk into a hotel bathroom and find an impeccably clean and well-appointed space with all the amenities you could want. Do this with your vacation rental. Keep the counter clear of all products except fresh, new products that your guests will use, including a clean towel, soap, cream, and anything else you feel they may need during their stay.

3. Add a Bedroom Sitting Area

If the space permits, consider adding a sitting area in the bedroom. Adding an upholstered chair or two and a side table in the corner can make the space seem more cozy and functional. And if your place is a studio apartment, this step really shouldn’t be skipped.

4. Add Fresh Flowers and Plants

Decor is necessary for any vacation rental, and flowers and plants should be part of the equation. If you have the opportunity to regularly tend to your plants and flowers, these items make a great addition. If anything, just add them for the photos that you take to list your property.

5. Add Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting sets the mood for your place and gives guests a more comfortable feel in your home. Lighting plays an especially important role in photos that will accompany your Airbnb listing, so be sure to post pictures of the place both during the day and night. Let natural light in during the day, and dim the lights for pictures taken in the evening to give the unit a cozier look.

Need More Help Staging Your Airbnb Vacation Rental?

At Hope Designs, we’ve not only staged vacation rentals for clients, but for our own place, too. We’ve spent a long time perfecting the art of staging homes specifically intended to be rented out as a vacation home on sites like Airbnb, and would love to help you make your vacation rental endeavour a success, too. Call us today to book a consultation!