5 Tips For Staging a Master Bedroom

June 24, 2017

When you think of home staging, you probably focus on dominant spaces like the kitchen and living room. But what about your master bedroom? Buyers will certainly make their way up there, so why not expand your home staging efforts to include this retreat?
Staging a master bedroom is important, as it shows prospective buyers exactly how your home can provide a much needed private sanctuary to retreat to at the end of each day.
Here are some tips to staging a master bedroom.

Staging a Master Bedroom Tip #1: Find Furniture That Fits

staging a master bedroomLike any other room in the home, the furniture should fit perfectly. If the furniture is too bulky and takes up a ton of space, it can make the room feel cramped and smaller than it really is. Your bed should be appropriately sized for the amount of space you’re working with. In this case, less is really more. If there’s not enough room to house an armoire, dresser, or sitting area, don’t bother with them. Stick to your bed and end tables and keep things to a minimum.
Staging a Master Bedroom Tip #2: Beautify the Bed
Since the bed is really the central focal point of a bedroom, make it pop. It’s the first thing that buyers will likely lay their eyes on, so do your best to beautify it with gorgeous linens, bedding, and pillows. And don’t forget about the headboard, which is a critical component to dressing up a bed, so make sure yours complements the bed and the entire space appropriately.
Staging a Master Bedroom Tip #3: Mimic Hotel Rooms
You know the cozy feeling you get when you step into an upscale and prestigious hotel room? That’s the feeling you want buyers to have when they visit your home and make their way to your master bedroom. Use crisp white linens and duvets that create a relaxing and welcoming ambience. Use just one colour to accessorize to create just the right amount of visual interest.
Staging a Master BedroomStaging a Master Bedroom Tip #4: Add Just Enough Lighting
If your bedroom has overhead lighting, great. But regardless, you should make good use of lamps. If there’s one room in a home where lamps play a key role, it’s in the bedroom. Whether you use table lamps, floor lamps, or wall lamps, make sure they’re placed near the bed to add to the focal point of the space.
Staging a Master Bedroom Tip #5: Cut the Clutter
Whether you have a habit of piling your clothes in the corner or stack your nightly reads on your end table, this can create clutter, which can be distracting to buyers. Get rid of all objects that are not part of the decor of your bedroom to cut down on the clutter.
Make Staging a Master Bedroom Easy With Hope Designs
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