5 Tips For Mixing Metals in Your Home

December 14, 2019
Mixing Metals in Your Home

Using metal in interior design has been a long-standing trend, and perhaps you may want to jump on the bandwagon! There are a variety of metals out there to choose from which can easily and quickly add an air of elegance and sophistication to a home. But adding metal to a space must be done with careful forethought and consideration to make sure your home doesn’t end up looking too harsh and visually cluttered.

Here are some tips for mixing metals in your interior space.

Choose One Main Type of Metal

Metals are certainly flashy, but they don’t have to bombard your interior space if you use them appropriately. When adding metal finishes and materials to your home, consider choosing one predominant metal that will serve as the focus, especially if you’re thinking about adding a variety of metals to your interior. Doing so will help keep the space looking balanced. For example, if you’re adding metal to your kitchen, use that dominant metal in your appliances, then use others in small areas to compliment it.

Keep the Number of Different Metals to a Minimum

If you are adding more metals to your space in addition to the dominant metal that you’ve chosen, only add no more than two others to avoid cluttering the space. And when you do add these other metals to the mix, be sure to space them out evenly to add some visual variety and avoid too much of a mish-mash.

Mix Warm and Cool Metals Tones

Make your chosen metals stand out by mixing warm- and cool-toned metals to your interior space. For instance, mix a cool metal tone like stainless steel with warmer tones like copper or brass.

Go Subtle With Your Metal With Accent Pieces

If the thought of adding metal to your interior makes you a little uncomfortable or overly cautious, start small by using them in smaller things such as accent pieces and decor. For instance, metal sculptures, vases, or photo frames can be the perfect way to subtly add metals to your home without committing to larger pieces that you’re afraid may overtake the space for your tastes and comfort level.

Space Metals Out Appropriately

Try to resist the temptation to create clusters of metal in your space. Instead, space metal finishes out enough so that they don’t overwhelm the room.

Need More Ideas on Using Metal in Your Home?

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