5 Things You Need to Know Before You Renovate Your Home

December 7, 2019
renovate your home

Renovating your home can be a daunting task, depending on how involved and big the project is. An entire kitchen gut job, for instance, is a big project to undertake, and you can bet that it will take a long time, a big budget, and even a little patience. But with the right team in place and an understanding of the process, your renovation should be relatively streamlined.

Here are a few things you need to know before you renovate your home.

Get a Building Permit (if Required)

Many projects require a building permit before work can be started. While certain projects are minor in nature and likely don’t need a permit – such as painting your home or replacing a faucet – other projects will need one. The last thing you want is to carry out a project without a required permit, only to be found out by the city. If that happens, you’ll need to spend the time and money applying for a permit. And in the worst case scenario, you might be asked to undo what you’ve done if it doesn’t meet code.

Prepare For Going Over Budget

Setting a budget is key when you’re doing a project on your home, Working with a contractor will help you identify what all the costs will be, but there is almost always an unforeseen issue that was unknown and therefore couldn’t be budgeted for. Be prepared to go a bit over budget. And to make sure you’ve got the finances to cover it, set aside about 10% more than what the original budget called for.

Try to Adhere to a Schedule

A certain timeline should be set for your project in order to try to make sure it’s done by a certain date. It will also help with scheduling, especially if there are several different parties involved in the project. But just like your budget, your schedule could go on a little longer than originally thought. Keep that in mind, but at the same time, try your best to steer back on track so the project doesn’t drag out for months longer than it should.

Seal Off All Rooms Not Being Touched

There is likely going to be a ton of dust and debris flying through the air during your project, especially during the demolition phase. In order to keep the rest of your home clean, take steps to seal off all other rooms so you can keep your clean-up effort to a minimum.

Hire an Interior Designer

You may have hired a contractor, electrician, plumber, kitchen specialist, and so forth, but what about an interior designer? Once all the main parts of your project are complete, you’ll want to outfit your space with the right furniture, decor, and other finishes that will create a stylish, optimally-flowing space. In fact, your interior designer should be part of the process right from the start so that you’re sure that you’re getting exactly what you want in your finished product.

Hope Designs has been helping countless homeowners with their renovation projects and adding their finishing touches to create the ideal space. When you’re ready to revamp your home, give Hope Designs a call today!