5 Things to Think About When Designing Your New Kitchen

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January 11, 2015

The kitchen is among the most popular rooms in the home that often gets a facelift. But before you start the demolition process, there are a few tips to keep in mind to come up with the perfect, functional design.
1. Consider Storage Space
One of the biggest mistakes that home owners make when planning out their new kitchen is not allowing for enough storage space. According to professional Toronto Interior Decorators, it’s important to use every little bit of space you have available to you. This means overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling, and deep drawers for more space and easier access to pots and pans. Include enough space for small appliances that just use up too much counter space when not being used.
2. Pay Close Attention to Lighting
While overhead lighting might be adequate for other rooms in the house, it’s not sufficient for kitchens. You don’t want the light behind you, as this will do nothing but cast a shadow on your cooking space. The light should ideally fall in front of you. For this reason, you should layer your lighting in the form of under-cabinet lights and pendant lamps, in addition to the main chandelier.
3. Consider Where Your Power Outlets Will Be
Make sure that there are proper power sources for your appliances. Many home owners realize that they don’t have the appropriate power lines until it’s too late. It’s also advisable to measure appliances to make sure they fit properly into the allotted spaces. For instance, if you have to cram in your dishwasher, it could squeeze the hose, preventing it from draining properly.
4. Consider an Island if the Space Calls For it
While not all kitchens have enough space to include any more than a few cabinets and countertops, if the space in your kitchen permits, then consider installing an island. These elements help to effectively add more counter space, as well as offering an alternative spot for your sink and dishwasher. They also make great spaces for entertaining with bar stools.
5. Install Flooring That is as Safe as it is Attractive
When you’re installing your new kitchen floor, consider ease of maintenance, porosity, durability, and slip-resistance. For instance, stone floors may be very attractive, but they’re also porous, requiring them to be sealed occasionally. Ask yourself if you want to deal with all that extra work. Hardwood is super trendy, but it wears out much faster near moist areas, including near the fridge, sink and stove. Natural stone works very well, providing an appealing, earthy look.
For more tips for decorating and designing your kitchen, get in touch with the experts at Hope Designs. With plenty of kitchen remodels under our belt, we’ll be sure to help you come up with the perfect design for your space that will match your vision and budget! Visit HopeDesigns.ca today!