5 Things to Repair First Before Listing Your Home For Sale


February 3, 2015

Thinking of putting your home up for sale? You’ll probably want to have a quick glance at any issues with the property that may need attention before you list your property. Home stagers in Toronto give their opinion on the components in a home that warrant attention in order to sell the property quickly, and for full – if not over – asking price. These are some things they suggest might be worth repairing.
Home stagers in Toronto

Burned Out Lightbulbs & Other Electrical Issues

Make sure all the lights are working when you’ve got your home up for sale. If there are any lightbulbs burned out, make sure to change them. You want to be able to show off your home in the best way possible, which means making sure there is adequate lighting all over the house. Nothing makes a home look more dingy that burned out lightbulbs everywhere.

Scuffed, Peeling Paint

Considering how cheap and easy it is to repaint the walls and give them a fresh colour, there’s really no excuse for taking on this task, especially if the walls are covered in scratches, scuff marks, markings from the kids, or even peeling paint. You’d be surprised at how far a fresh coat of paint will take you when it comes to giving your home a renewed look. In fact, painting the walls is considered to bring the highest return on investment. So why not do it?

Worn Out Carpets or Flooring

One of the first things that people see when they walk in a home is the flooring. Whether you’ve got hardwood, laminate, or carpeting, it should look well cared for. Any scratches, discolouration, worn put patches and even holes will no doubt be a huge turnoff to home buyers looking at your property.
While repairing the flooring may involve a little more money and work compared to other minor fixes, it can go a long way at refreshing your home and making it look more attractive to anyone who steps foot through the front door.

Loose Hinges

Make no mistake – buyers will go through EVERYTHING in a home that they may potentially put an offer on. They’ll definitely be opening and closing all doors, drawers, and bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Buyers will be turned off if they open a cabinet only to find that the door is practically falling off. Whether all that’s required is some tightening of the screws, or even brand new hinges, this is a cheap, quick fix that you should make when staging your home for sale.

Leaky Faucets & Other Plumbing Issues

In addition to opening and closing all the doors and cabinets, home buyers will be turning on all the faucets and shower fixtures to make sure they’re in good working order. Even if they neglect to, their home inspector definitely will. If you’ve got any leaky faucets anywhere, make sure to rectify these issues before you list your property. If not, you’ll probably end up having to do it anyway upon the home buyers’ request before the deal is closed.

Hope Designs – Home Stagers in Toronto

While there are some obvious things that you might want to do to your home to make it look more attractive, sometimes a trained eye is what you need to really make your home stand out from the crowd. Before you list your home for sale, make sure you get a professional Toronto home stagers like Hope Designs in there to entice buyers to put in an offer at a price you can’t refuse! Get in touch with Hope Designs today!