5 Reasons Why Staging a Vacant Home For Sale is Important

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March 1, 2014

Why Staging a Vacant House is Crucial…
vacant home staging before after Mississauga by Hope Designs Interior Decorating & home Staging TorontoAnyone putting their home up for sale obviously wants it to be snatched up quickly with an offer that cannot be refused. What many home owners don’t realize, however, is the importance of a well-staged home, and the impact this can have on how quickly a home sells, and how much it sells for. This goes for vacant homes as well. Many home buyers are unable to visualize a space when it’s vacant. They need it to be presented to them on a silver platter, helping them to see themselves living in the house. In a tight real estate market these days in Toronto, staging a vacant home will certainly set the property apart from its vacant competitors.
Here are 5 reasons why staging a vacant home for sale is crucial, especially in today’s market:
1 – A staged home simply shows well. You want your home to feel warm and inviting, making it easier for a potential home buyer to make an emotional connection to it. Rarely will a vacant home ever be able to accomplish this. It’s difficult for anyone to feel cozy in a space that offers little in terms of decor and style.
2 – A well-staged home helps buyers become emotionally excited upon entering through the front door. Within a matter of 30 seconds, a person can make a decision about whether or not your home is right for them. Providing a potential home buyer with a “wow” factor upon entering the house, and entering each room, will boost the chances of buyers putting in an offer shortly after their visit. Think about how different you would feel walking into a beautifully staged home versus a vacant one.
3 – Home staging makes it much easier for buyers to determine the scale and size of the rooms in the house. Without furnishings arranged properly, there is no frame of reference for buyers to make this determination. Will the family room fit a sectional couch? Will the bedroom fit a king-sized bed? Will the kitchen dinette fit a square table? The more questions buyers ask themselves, the more likely they are to walk away.
4 – Home staging camouflages and downplays many flaws of a home. Homes that are vacant, on the other hand, allow every flaw to be exposed. Even tiny blemishes are magnified, such as a small chip in the tile or a scuff on the wall. Buyers have more opportunity to focus on negative features of the home since there is nothing else to distract them. An expert home stager in Toronto will know exactly how to redirect the focus of the buyer, helping them to pay more attention to the positives rather than the negatives.
5 – Buyers are able to visualize the potential of the home if it is properly furnished. In fact, 90% of buyers are unable to visualize what the home could look like if it is not already presented to them as a furnished, staged home.
Leaving your home vacant puts your home at risk for price reductions as well as taking a lot longer to sell, which is why you need a professional home staging company in Toronto to help you furnish and stage your home to get it ready for the market. Hope Designs is a seasoned home staging company who has been involved in hundreds of projects that have helped homes sell faster, and many for over asking price. The price you pay for their services will come back to you in spades when you consider the fact that staged homes typically take 68% less time to sell, and command 15% higher selling prices! Call Hope Designs today!
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