5 Design Trends That Could Turn Off Homebuyers

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January 19, 2015

When you put your home up for sale on the market, you obviously want to get as much money for it as possible. Not only that, but you don’t want the listing to linger for weeks or even months without a single bite.
What many home owners may not realize is that there are certain design trends of their homes that might actually be turning buyers off, sending them right back out the door as quickly as they came in.
Does your home have any of the following features? If so, they might be playing a big role in affecting the sale of your home.
1. Bold Wall Paint or Wallpaper
While you might love pink-and-black zebra stripes all over your walls, this look might not exactly be what home buyers are looking for. Home Stagers in Toronto often discourage against the presence of any bold colours or patterns on the wall when the property is up for sale. The reality is, the majority of people out house hunting prefer to see more neutral tones and patterns. When decorating or staging your home, consider painting the walls in a neutral colour, like beige or tan, to appeal to the masses.
2. Carpeting
One of the first things that people notice when they walk into a home is the flooring. While certain carpets are attractive, many home buyers tend to see carpeting as a turn-off. Why? Carpeting is known to harbour all sorts of debris and other unknown substances. Buyers don’t know who lives in the home, nor what they have done on the carpet. In their eyes, carpeting is just a filthy floor substance. They don’t want to have to go through the hassle of steam-cleaning it after they move in. The majority of home buyers tend to prefer laminate or hardwood flooring.
3. Extravagant Light Fixtures
Light has a way of making a room seem bright and airy. But be careful about showcasing light fixtures that are much too extravagant and fancy for your home. Toronto Interior Decorators warn home owners about installing light fixtures that are too modern or ornate. Instead, pick something that enhances your home without stealing the spotlight.
4. Converted Bedrooms
Most people want rooms that were built for their original purpose. For instance, if you’ve converted one of your bedrooms into a home office or gym, buyers will not be able to see the potential for space to accommodate their growing family, for instance. This is especially true if your home is small and already has a limited number of bedrooms. If you’ve converted a bedroom, make sure it can be easily converted back to its original purpose.
5. Unkempt Landscaping
The landscaping of a home offers a certain amount of curb appeal that’s necessary to attract buyers. It also offers the first impression when someone pulls up in front of the home. No one wants to look at a property that has overgrown weeds or a lack of greenery. It’s important to focus on creating a nice and neat outdoor yard that people can enjoy without too much fuss.
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