4 Ways Plants Can Be Used For Toronto Home Staging

October 3, 2022

Plants are known to be esthetically-pleasing and create clean, pure air in an interior space. Among all the pieces that can be used for Toronto home staging, plants are an absolute must. When used properly, plants can help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Here are a few ways plants can be used when staging your home for sale.

They Can Serve as a Focal Point

One common Toronto home staging tactic is creating a focal point in a space. A focal point is a fundamental element of interior design and home staging, and a big beautiful plant can easily be the star of a room.

Plants can easily be placed in empty spaces or to fill in areas where there may be missing pieces of furniture or decor. You can up the ante by placing your plant in a gorgeous planter.

You can also use smaller plants to spice up a room in a more subtle way, such as on tables or countertops to create a more finished look.

They Help Create a More Natural Look

If not done right, staging can make your home look somewhat fake and obviously staged. What you want to do is make the place look ‘home-y’, and not like a showroom at your local furniture store.

One way to create a lived-in feel is to add a few real plants to the space. Plants have a knack for creating a touch of personalization. Plus, plants can easily cover up less desirable areas of the wall or floor in a room and add a bit of natural colour. Of course, plant colours don’t have to be limited to green, and can incorporate a variety of other tones, too.

They Bring the Outdoors Inside

Bringing elements of the outdoors to your interior is another classic interior design and home staging strategy. Bringing in Mother Nature’s finest provides a sense of tranquility and visual appeal to an interior, and plants are the go-to for this purpose. Plants also have a way of creating visual depth to an interior and can help make a smaller space appear larger.

They Provide a Sense of Scale

Plants can help prospective buyers get a sense of how big a space is. More specifically, it can give buyers a sense of how high ceilings are and how large floor space is, which can be really handy when looking at online images of listings.

You can use tall floor plants, tabletop plants, and small plants appropriately to create a sense of scale in a room.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to stage your Toronto home for sale, get in touch with Hope Designs today!