4 Toronto Interior Design Mistakes to Learn From


August 16, 2015

It can happen to anyone – you’re shopping and see the perfect accessory or furniture piece for your home and think, “This will look perfect in my living room!” What you may not have thought about is that interior decor requires a keen and trained eye. You need to understand things like colour, lighting, scale, room size, and furniture placement when decorating your home.
Unfortunately, many mistakes are often made with homeowners who take the DIY approach to decorating their homes. Here are just a few of them to avoid:
1. Improper Scaling
Scale and proportion in a room is super important. When you walk into any room, it should feature a combination of diffident levels and heights. Don’t make the mistake of making everything in the room the same level or size. This can be countered by varying different heights and sizes of your furniture pieces, art work, and window treatments.
When it comes to interior decor and design, scale is probably the biggest mistake that homeowners make. That’s most likely because it really does take a trained eye to decorate a room with precise scale. Home owners tend to put too many small things in a room which just winds up cluttering the space. Others tend to put a bunch of oversized pieces in the space, making the room look stuffed.
The secret here is to mix up different shapes, heights and sizes.
2. Buying Before Browsing and Budgeting
Just about everyone is prone to impulse shopping. You see something you absolutely love, and buy it without thinking about it. But when it comes to interior decor, you absolutely need to shop around and budget first before you spend a dime.
Before you go to the furniture shop, make sure you’ve got your budget and plan in place first. Before anything else, be sure to measure the room, and mark off where windows and doorways are. The size and placement of your furniture needs to be planned precisely before any purchases are made. Buyer’s remorse is the worst, so don’t get yourself into this predicament and plan first.
3. Poor Arrangement of Accessories and Collections
Everyone’s got a collection of some sort, and we all want to put them out on display for everyone to see and admire. But how we arrange and display them can make all the difference on their visual appeal.
One of the biggest mistakes when putting collections on display is scattering them all over the home with no rhyme or reason. Regardless of what the accessory or collection is, it’s best to display it in specific groupings and arrangements. Gather what you love into groupings, and display them properly.
4. Not Asking For Professional Advice
Sometimes it’s just not the right decision to go the DIY route when designing and decorating your home. Many times it takes a skilled eye to catch problems in spaces, and recommend suggestions on exactly how to decorate to make the most of an interior.
Ask a Toronto interior design professional to give you his or her suggestions on fabrics, furniture arrangement, colour choices, and other aspects of decor. These experts are always full of clever tips and tricks that can transform your interior.
There are tons of other mistakes that can be made when decorating an interior. Your best bet is to work with a professional interior decorating, such as Lori Howard at Hope Designs. She’ll sit down with you to identify your tastes and needs, and help you come up with the perfect plan!
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