4 Tips to Staging Your Toronto Home in the Fall

November 6, 2017

Staging Your Toronto Home

It’s officially fall. The kids are back to school and the leaves are starting to change colour. While you’re busy starting to make preparations for the upcoming holiday season and catching all those NFL games just about every night of the week, it’s also time to start prepping your home for the market if you intend to sell your home this season.
staging your Toronto home in the fallTo boost the odds of a sale in a reasonable amount of time and at a price you can be happy with, consider the following tips to staging your Toronto home in the fall.

Clean Up That Yard

With all those falling leaves, your yard is probably covered in all sorts of yellows, reds, and oranges. After you’ve let the kids and the dog jump into big piles of leaves, it’s time to rake them up and haul them away. When your home is on the market, you want curb appeal to be at its finest when staging your Toronto home in the fall.
While you’re at it, be sure to weed the lawn, get rid of any twigs, trim the bushes and trees, clear the gutters, and clean up any loose trash that may have been accumulating at your front porch. Once you’re done, add a few pots of mums to spruce things up at your front door.

Embrace Fall Colours

People drive for miles to get a glimpse of the glorious change in colours on the trees, so why not embrace these gorgeous hues and incorporate them into your home’s decor? All those vibrant reds, bright yellows, and cheery oranges can be used on all sorts of elements, including throw pillows, plants and flowers, door wreaths, candles, and any other accent you can think of.

Fill Your Space With Autumn Aromas

It’s usually recommended to go easy on the scented candles when a home is being shown to buyers, especially potent scents like vanilla, but you can get away with some aromas that are associated with the fall season. Think spicy cinnamon, sweet juniper or a light pine scent, again nothing too heavy or over done is recommended . There are scented candles for just about every smell, so finding one that mimics the aroma of autumn should be easy. Or else, go au naturel and use cinnamon sticks or cloves clementines.

staging your Toronto home in the fallLet the Light Shine

Every day gets shorter and short, leaving fewer daylight hours to enjoy. But a dark home doesn’t show very well, so do your best to keep your home as light and bright as possible. Keep all interior and exterior lights on, including any spotlights. Open the drapes and remove anything that might be blocking windows to squeeze every bit of natural sunlight you can while it lasts.

Staging Your Toronto Home in the Fall – Call the Pros at Hope Designs!

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