4 Tips to Selling Your Furniture Online

November 9, 2020
selling your furniture

Whether you’re moving or are completely redesigning your home, you may want to get rid of much of the furnishings in your home in favour of new pieces. The thing is, what the heck are you supposed to do with the furniture you already have?

Furniture isn’t exactly cheap, and you likely paid a pretty penny for the items you have, so it would be a shame to just give them away or toss them in the trash. Instead, you could sell them online and recoup some of the money you spent. But how do you go about doing that?

Here are some helpful tips for selling your furniture online.

Sell on the Right Online Platform

There are plenty of online places to sell your furniture, but some are better than others. Consider the following online marketplaces for furniture:

Facebook Marketplace
Sell My Stuff
Varage Sale

These marketplaces offer both desktop and mobile accessibility, so uploading your listings is quick and easy. You can also wheel and deal directly on these platforms until you find a willing buyer and make a final sale.

Take Good Photos

People buy off of photos they see, so make sure the images you take and upload are of the highest quality. You’ll also want to take a variety of photos from different angles, and make sure the piece is properly depicted with the rest of the space and other items around it to give it scale. Finally, make sure that the room is neat and tidy to shine the best light on the piece you’re selling.

Use Simple Descriptions

While you don’t want to leave out important information, you also don’t want to go overboard with a keyword-stuffed description that will bore buyers to death. Just include the basics, like how old the piece is, when you bought it, any wear and tear it has, and how it was used.

Set a Fair Price

Be realistic about how much you are selling your furniture for. While you might want to recoup as much as possible compared to how much you bought the item for, you also need to consider how much the item is actually worth and how much prospective buyers are willing to pay for it.

Look around at what similar pieces are selling for online, and base your price somewhere around that while factoring in the uniqueness of the item you’re selling. And be open to negotiating.

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