4 Tips to Create an Elegant Powder Room

December 20, 2019
Elegant Powder Room

Your home’s main level powder room may possibly be the smallest room in your home, but think about its importance: if it’s the only bathroom on your main floor, it’s likely the bathroom that guests will use, and it’s probably the most-used bathroom in the home for family members, too. But not only should it be functional, but it can be highly sophisticated as well. But you don’t necessarily have to do a major gut job or spend thousands of dollars upgrading it to make it look fabulous.

Here are some tips to help transform your powder room from good to grand.

Use Rich, Dark Colours

There’s something sophisticated and mysterious about darker hues, so incorporating them into your powder room can be a great way to add to its style and elegance. And don’t worry about using dark colours in a tiny space. When used appropriately, they can make your room look amazing without boxing it in.

Consider shades like black, navy blue, charcoal, and chocolate brown. Use them on the walls, ceilings, doors, or even some wallpaper if you have the budget. And if you have lighter counters, it can create some serious contrast and drama.

Add Some Drama to Your Flooring

If you have the inclination, consider adding dramatic tiling to your bathroom floor. Opt for a glossy finish to really bring out the pizzazz. You might even want to take the time to use smaller tiles to create a design or pattern for even more drama to your powder room.

Layer Your Lighting

You don’t just have to stick to only one type of lighting source for your powder room. Instead, consider layering your lighting. You can do this by hanging a chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, adding a couple of wall sconces beside the mirror, adding lighting over top of the vanity mirror, and even having some pot lights installed to really boost the lighting in this space.

Hang a Show-Stopping Mirror

Speaking of your vanity mirror, consider adding one that will definitely demand some attention. Add an oversized mirror surrounded by an opulent frame for extra sophistication and elegance. You might even want to add more than one mirror to the space to really increase the reflective surfaces and make this small space look larger.

Hope Designs Can Help!

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