4 Things That Can Turn Buyers Off

February 16, 2021
Things That Can Turn Buyers Off

There are the obvious turn-offs for buyers, including clutter, a messy interior, and an unkempt front yard. But there are other things about your home that can throw buyers off and therefore impede on timely offers.

Take a look at your home and see if you identify any of the following home staging blunders. If you do, make some changes before listing your home on the market.

Outdated Light Fixtures

There are so many features of a home that often take a back seat when it comes to decor, and that includes lighting. Yet your light fixtures can make or break the look and feel of your interior. As such, you’d be well-advised to pay some attention to your lighting, especially when you’re trying to attract buyers.

The thing is, outdated lighting can be a real turn-off for buyers. Luckily, your local home improvement store will likely have a variety of modern fixtures that you can acquire at a relatively affordable price without having to blow your budget in an upscale lighting boutique. In fact, light fixtures are cost-effective updates that make a big impact on buyers.

Outdated Wallpaper

Wallpaper has become incredibly popular among homeowners over the last decade. But the type of wallpaper that you put up matters. Neutral decor is key when it comes to staging your home and selling, and that includes your wallpaper.

While you can play around with different patterns, you don’t want to go too eclectic at the risk of scaring buyers off with such bold decor.

Bold Wall Colours

If you’re transforming your interior to suit your own tastes with an interior design undertaking, then you can certainly get away with painting your walls in your favourite colour. But when the goal is selling your home, you want to go neutral. So be sure to avoid any overly-bright colours that might not appease buyers’ tastes.


While a home with foul odours might sound like an obvious turn off for buyers, there may be other types of smells that sellers may not even notice. And these may be odours that are not necessarily classified as bad, like cigarette smoke or pet odour.

Instead, your home may smell like cheap perfume, overly-powerful essential oils, or last night’s dinner. Get a third-party — like your real estate agent — to give you an opinion about what your home smells like and whether or not you should neutralize any potentially off-putting odours before you let the first buyer in your home.

If you need help staging your home for sale to recoup as much money as possible without your home sitting on the market for too long, call the professionals at Hope Designs today!