4 Rules For Picking the Right Dining Room Table

October 12, 2020
dining room table

Looking for a new dining room table? Whether you’re just looking to improve the look of your space for your own needs or are looking to stage your home to sell in the near future, a snazzy dining room can make a big difference. And the table you choose will anchor the space, so choose wisely.

Here are some rules for choosing the right dining room table for this space.

1. Allow For 3 Feet of Clearance

Measuring both the table and your space is crucial before buying a dining room table – or any other piece of furniture for that matter. When it comes to a dining room table, you want there to be just enough space to walk around the table without cramming it into the room.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to leave about 3 feet of clearance around the table from the walls or other furniture behind to give enough room to pull your chair out without smacking into something.

2. Go With a Round Table Top if Space is Tight

If you’re dealing with a very small room, then perhaps a round table might work best. Compared to rectangular or square tables, round tables usually have a smaller footprint and therefore take up less space without having to compromise much on table top space.

3. Consider a Glass Table Top if Your Room is Very Dark

We all know that dark colours make a room seem smaller, and if you’re already dealing with a shortage of square footage, then dark colours can make the space seem even smaller. Throw in an opaque table top, and you could be making things worse.

To mitigate this issue, consider adding in a dining room table with a glass top to help lighten up and open up the space without adding even more items that can make the room seem more crowded and cramped.

4. Think Big

While this might sound like we’re going in a completely different direction than what the first three “rules” state, you may also want to go with a table that is bigger than what you think you might need. As long as the table fits well in the space, you may want to consider getting a table that’s larger than you believe is what is required.

Even if there are only a couple of you in the home or you don’t use the dining room table much, you still never know when you could use that extra table space when you have guests over for dinner. Plus, you don’t want a table that’s too small, otherwise you’ll be scrambling trying to add other items in the room so it doesn’t look sparse.

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