4 Kitchen Backsplash Trends For 2020

June 14, 2020
4 Kitchen Backsplash Trends For 2020

Does your kitchen need a little boost in visual appeal? If so, an easy way to give it a quick upgrade is to replace your backsplash with something more modern and stylish, and with the amazing trends that 2020 has to offer, there should be no shortage of ideas.

Here are some kitchen backsplash trends for 2020.

Ceiling-Height Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes tend to reach no higher than the bottoms of cabinets. But one trend you may be seeing more of in 2020 are backsplashes that are being taken all the way to the ceiling.

No longer is the backsplash area confined to just between the countertop and the under cabinet. Instead, if there is empty wall space, feel free to continue the backsplash material all the way to the top. It’s a great way to add visual appeal and make use of plain surfaces to create a stunning kitchen.

Oversized Subway Tile

Subway tile as a backsplash material is nothing new, but what you may not be used to are tiles that are larger than the standard 3″ x 6″. Like other components of a home, the same style can get a little tired and overplayed, leaving homeowners searching for something a little different than the norm.

Oversized subway tiles offer a great opportunity to do something a little different while still playing it somewhat safe. They’re classic, yet are still interesting.


Backsplashes tend to be reserved for more neutral tones. But these days, you can expect to see more colour on these undervalued surfaces. Any colour under the rainbow can be effectively used for your backsplash, especially when the rest of your kitchen is neutral.

This year is a great time to do a little experimenting with colour on your backsplash, as it has become a more accepted and embraced way to outfit this space.

Metallic and Mirrored Surfaces

Natural stone and glass have been pretty popular for backsplash material over the years, but in 2020, you’ll be seeing a lot more reflective surfaces in the form of metallic and mirror. These materials give a hyper reflective surface that is both visually appealing and luxurious, especially when it’s met with natural light. And if you combine this trend with the ceiling-height trend, you can create a truly dramatic and spectacular kitchen space.

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