3 Tips to Designing the Perfect Man Cave For Dad

March 7, 2020
man cave

Move over Mom, this one’s for Dad. Everyone needs their own space from time to time, and that includes Dad. It’s why the infamous “man cave” trend started, giving the guys in the home somewhere to retreat without being subject to too many girly design elements. The truth is, however, that man caves don’t have to be dark and dingy rooms out in the garage or in the darkest corners of the home. Instead, they can still be comfortable and private but also stylish, too.

Here are some tips to creating the perfect man cave for dad.

Come Up With a Lighting Plan

Never underestimate the power of lighting. In fact, it should be one of the more important aspects of your design plan, especially if the area you are designing is in the basement. Good lighting will make the space feel a lot more comfortable. Consider multiple light sources such as pot lights and ceiling/wall sconces. Add dimmer switches to allow Dad to create the perfect mood he’s going for at any given time.

Play With Paint

The easiest and fastest way to transform a space is with a new coat of paint. This is especially helpful if you’re on a budget. When it comes to colour, let Dad decide. This is a playful space, so it really should be up to the person who will be enjoying the room the most. Especially if your man cave will be in the basement, you might have a little more liberty to play around with more fun paint colours than you might upstairs. The basement tends to be less formal, which means you can be more free with your paint colors.

Carefully Consider Themes

Themes can be fun for man caves, but you also want to think carefully about the type of theme you want to infuse in the space. If Dad will be spending a lot of time down there, then out-of-the-box themes might be OK. But if you’re planning to sell in the near future, you may want to reconsider those crazy themes and go for something that prospective buyers may be able to understand.

Call the Experts in Man Cave Design

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