3 Overlooked Areas When Home Staging

September 12, 2020
home staging

When staging your home for sale, there are obvious areas of the home that you’ll want to address to attract and impress buyers. Areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living area are obvious places to start. And tending to your curb appeal is the finishing touch that will grab buyers’ attention before they even step foot through the front door.

But there are other spots of the home that should be dealt with that are often overlooked, including the following.


You can bet that prospective buyers will be opening cabinet doors to see how much storage space there is – or simply to satisfy their curiosity about what you’ve got housed in there. Regardless, a messy cabinet that is brimming with items in an unorganized way will almost certainly turn a buyer off. Before you put your home up for sale, make sure you’ve taken care of decluttering and tidying up all nooks and crannies, including your cabinets.


Like your cabinets, your closets will also be spaces that buyers will want to check out. While decluttering your home is part of the home staging process, don’t bother just tossing all your knick knacks into the closet and cramming it shut. Buyers won’t be too thrilled when they open the closet door only to be greeted by an overstuffed closet space.

Closets serve as storage spaces, which is a huge selling feature. You want to be able to show buyers that your home has all the storage space needed, and a closet that looks as if it can store a large quantity of items will help. As such, make sure your closets are properly organized and not jammed with more items than it can handle.


If your home has a garage, make good use of this space and optimize it as a selling feature. Again, storage space is a key feature that buyers look at, and the garage plays a big role in this aspect. Take some time to clean your garage out and toss out anything that doesn’t have to stay in there.

Invest in shelving and other storage units to help show buyers how things can be kept in a neat and tidy fashion, leaving plenty of space leftover to walk around and even park a car or two.

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